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We design Food Experiences

We create new formats, supporting  innovative and unique offerings:  


  • from food offer, 

  • menu layout ,

  • ordering process,

  • service,

  • dish presentation,

  • space design,

  • to integrated communication (name, logo, packaging, outfit ...).

Our Added Value

Each concept is managed end to end from one single entry point to ensure a 360° consistency. 

We help our customers to fine-tune the small details that make all the difference. 

Our customers

Business managers and entrepreneurs wishing to open a food space (bar/restaurant/retails) or desiring to revamp their image.

Food & Beverages companies planning to create new franchising concept, or open a temporary food space to organize an event.


We believe in the "3P"  pyramide : product, people, place. 


We consider the  key to be a perfectly balanced mix between:

  • the product (presentation, taste, quality),

  • the service (staff skills, staff as image ambassador, protocol during the food experience),

  • and the place (location choice, alignment between restaurant image & interior design/ emotional experience / aesthetic).

The price is attributed de facto by the  combination of these factors. 


We believe in surprising people: making people dream, and contributing to their daily happiness to build loyalty.


We believe in social interactions between the staff and  the customer, in making the relation personal and customized, and in co-paticipation. 










We also believe in listening carefully to the client to build a joint brief and develop a satisfying and robust concept.


We use an innovative methodology, inspired directly from the japanese automotive industry  project methodology, in order to develop  a unique format and story telling.


We believe in the equation: 

(standardized process & modularity)+(passion & soul).

The Loyalty polyhedron

The 3 Ps


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